My name is Jonathan Hyde, the designer and maker behind Hyde Wares.  I discovered the art of leather crafting whilst living in Portugal, influenced by fantastic local materials and classic design.

Now based in Brighton, England, my work continues from home with a small, dedicated production.

Hyde Wares was born from an urge to slow down, to design and make a range of leather items that would stand the test of time and grow with the owner.

Hyde Wares is a member of 1% For The Planet, which means I pledge to donate 1% of my annual sales to NGO's that support environmental causes.


The ancient craft of naturally tanning leather is complex and fascinating. Only natural materials such as leaves and husks are used to dye the leather, after which, each hide is hung for several weeks. This is compared to the globally dominant method of Chromium tanning, which reduces the process to a mere few days. Whilst certainly time-effective, it is important to me to try to avoid using chrome-tanned leather, as the vast use of chemicals in this process is very harmful to the environment, our waterways and oceans.

Vegetable tanned leather is beautiful, often displaying the history of life through scars and imperfections. The material will develop a wonderful patina unique to each owner and after years become a treasured item.



There is an inherent beauty in tools, their form and function matched perfectly to aid the craft. Hand stitching leather also creates a special relationship with the product, the maker knows each line and can feel the tension and durability of the thread.

Hyde Wares are designed and made to last, not to be handled delicately but with passion and conviction. Leather responds well to being used regularly, nourished by the elements and travel. 

I like to think of these items as trees - young saplings right now but hopefully one day we'll see great oaks, wise and strong with stories to tell.