Full Grain Leather

This is the outermost layer of the hide, densely packed with fibres it will naturally display subtle variations in colour and scars from the animals’ life. Full grain is the strongest layer of the hide, compared to ‘genuine leather’ which is ground up scraps reformed into sheets  - think of this like a beautiful piece of Oak alongside some MDF or chipboard. 

Leather Care

Your item of Hyde Wares will require conditioning at some point, and this all depends on how often you use it. For example, a wallet will absorb oils from your skin and retain some nourishment from that. If you find the leather becomes stiff or dry in places then it is time for a quick once over with some leather conditioner. I would recommend anything with a high content of natural ingredients such as animal fats and beeswax. Every item I make has been given a head start with a thorough coat of my home made leather balm, though at some point it will require further care from yourself.

If you are interested in the natural leather and want it to darken quicker then place in the sun for a few hours/days and you'll soon notice the difference.