Personalised 6oz Hipflask with handstiched leather cover

A truly luxurious gift - high quality lead-free Pewter hipflask made in Sheffield, covered with a handstiched leather jacket with free personalisation.

Pewter - also known as the 4th precious metal, is an alloy of Tin ( 92 % ), Copper and Antimony, Pewter has been around since the beginning of the Bronze Age.

When it comes to drinking from your new hip flask you want to really be able to taste the alcohol and not the flask. Some other metals can give a slight metallic flavour as you sup your favourite drink, however one of the great benefits of pewter is it doesn’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth so you are free to enjoy the wonderful flavour of your drink.

Pewter is also an excellent metal for helping maintain your chosen liquid at the right temperature ( something which is quite important when it comes to drinking a good whisky).

Leaving alcohol in your flask for more than a day or so will have an affect on the flavour so we would recommend drinking the contents or emptying back into the original bottle at the end of the day.

Please note: the leather is not glued to the hipflask, therefore a gap exisits on the back where the flask curves.

*Includes - funnel and gift box

The entire piece is built by hand from my workshop, no machines are used at any stage. 
The leather is measured and cut in order to incorporate the natural markings of the hide. Finally the raw edges are bevelled and burnished using beeswax to form smooth strong edges that will wear naturally over time.

Strong polyester thread is used with the saddle stitch technique to create the most durable bond.


14 x 8 x 3cm

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What is Veg Tan Leather?

The ancient craft of naturally tanning leather is complex and fascinating. Only natural materials such as leaves and husks are used to dye the leather, after which, each hide is hung for several weeks. This is compared to the globally dominant method of Chromium tanning, which reduces the process to a mere few days. Whilst certainly time-effective, it is important to me to try to avoid using chrome-tanned leather, as the vast use of chemicals in this process is very harmful to the environment, our waterways and oceans.

Apart from this being an ethical choice, it’s very much aesthetic and practical – veg-tan leather is beautiful, often displaying the history of life through scars and imperfections. The material will develop a wonderful patina unique to each owner and after years become a treasured object.

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